Arkansas Division Sons Of Confederate Veterans

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                 The Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans hosts speakers state-wide that make their

                      Services available to speak on a variety of Civil War Topics.  





John Bowers,  Hot Springs Village, AR



Arkansas’ Secession Convention (55 minutes)

Confederate Finance

            Part One:  The Treasury Department and the Loans (45 minutes)

            Part Two:  The Treasury Notes, Taxes and Tariffs, Seizures and Donations, and Financial Operations Abroad (48 minutes)


Confederate Music (includes music selections - 55 minutes)


The Confederate Marine Corps

             Part One  - Organization, Officers & Enlisted Men      (50 minutes)

            Part Two - Service Ashore & Afloat (50 minutes)


The Confederate Privateers (42 minutes)


The Confederate Torpedoes (40 minutes)


The Confederate Torpedo Boats (32 minutes)


Judah P. Benjamin, Confederate Statesman (43 minutes)


(Each presentation includes a visual component - computer generated projected slides on a large screen. 

I bring my own equipment so nothing is needed.  If there is no podium, I have a short one that can sit on a table.)




Loy Mauch,   Bismarck, AR


The 10th Amendment


Richard Henry Lee


George Washington's Confederate Family


The Communist Supporters of Abraham Lincoln




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